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Zaimoni [userpic]
Is it tea or is it ale?

Ironically, the easiest to locate detailed reporting is from AOL-branded news.

Indeed. Whole Foods, through its Local Producer Loan Program, issued a low-interest loan to local producer Townshend's Tea to specifically support the expansion of its line of Brew Dr. Kombucha.

In a statement about the voluntary move to pull kombucha off its shelves, Whole Foods said:

"After conversations with several kombucha suppliers, we share the concern around potential labeling issues related to slightly elevated alcohol levels in some products. In order to ensure regulatory compliance, our key kombucha suppliers along with Whole Foods Market have removed all kombucha products in bottles and on tap from our stores at this time. We are working with our supplier partners to review these potential labeling issues for a swift resolution."
Oh, wait...the bottles ship with live bacteria (part of the low-processing marketing) so the alcohol content continues to go up on the shelf. Good luck getting an accurate label. (The FDA warning label requirement cuts in at 1 proof.)