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zaimoni's Journal

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I'm self-employed. Currently, my work includes application and web programming, UNIX unmanaged server administration, and web design implementation. I'm willing to fit in new clients.

Dominant language C++, most used language Perl. I can crash-learn any programming language that I have access to. C, Python, and Java are currently installed locally. I have some experience with UNIX/bash shell scripts, ML, and Oz. Of these, I currently actively use C++, Perl, Python, and UNIX/bash shell scripts.

Web design implementation:
Besides straight HTML, I use JavaScript, VBScript, Java, and Flash to augment pages when useful.

My formal academic credentials include a Master's in Mathematics from Kansas State University (1998). The specializations in my exam were Differential Geometry, Numerical Analysis, and Complex Analysis.

I am the maintainer for automonastic.

My fiction R&D LJ iskandria has a public background post once in a blue moon.

My Angband Code

H(1.5.1) +(Gorlim) "Tharlyki" Du Pa(Cr) L:26 DL13(Yeek)/1(Angband) A- R !Sp w:The Spear of Destiny
H/A W H- D c- f PV+ s !TT d P M+
C- S+ I So B- ac GHB++ SQ RQ+ V+

My Furry Code

FMB[Eurasian]3w A- C- D H- M P+++ R+++ T- W Z- Sm-/f- RLCT/LW a? cn++$ d+ e+++ f h** iw+++ j- p sm#